Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Un Correct Apostrophe's an God

Bible: "God doesn’t like when were un honest to each other. Lying lead’s to confrontation an God want’s us to be friendly to one another. Lying can cause another to get angry and God doesn’t want us to be angry. You can keep from lying by reading the Bible."

Government: "Wow, that’s a no brainer question, if we didn’t have the constitution this country would be a total pot hole."

US History: (From America's Diary) "I kind of feel weird though. I am 200 years old, and I have to take orders from my husband? That is not how it is going down. I am a woman, not a pet. I do not wanted to be treated like a nanny or a housewife."

God-only-knows via a Chat: "Can I please talk to the art techer I need her to put art back so I can do my ten reternd I can't the art class because it is gone I need to do those ten reternds so I can get my grades up do you. Understand me canyou find her to make her put art class back I really need to do those ten retrans like I said before to get my grades up can you find her?"

Understand me? um, not really.

Government: "Were not the freest nation for whites only."

US History: "Before I start I would just like to say I chose topic 1 and wrote all of this out on a piece of paper while I was doing my research. As I was doing my research I was able to get all of my information from Google and only Google. I am only saying this before I start so that way I do not get points taken off for not writing my sources."

Wow, great bibliography! You're right - now you won't lose points!

US History: "I would love to make a thesis statement but I am having a difficult time coming up with one so I have those far descided to skip this step in the process of making a research paper. I also pray that you are kind an do not get enraged by this and you show compassion and give me a good grade even though I did a bad job."


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