Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Big Robot Brother

Government: "There will be only one type of authority called police, but they will be super machines that don't allow the breaking of law, or you are kicked off the moon and sent back to earth to die.

[...] II. Supermachine police. They have the power to apprehend and escort the prisoner to the pod that goes back to earth. They also have the power to kill.

[...] The rules are simple: Don't commit crimes that were considered crimes on earth, or the supermachines will find you.

[...]There won't be like a law that says you must not tamper with what you wear, or if you find a cool rock on the moon and can make it into a necklace then do it up."

Well gee, any necklace I want?? That's not a totally creepster government afterall!

Just remember guys -- "The supermachine police cannot be fooled."

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