Monday, June 29, 2009

I Have 1300 Assignments To Grade

American History: "Normally wore hand made woven clothes, the men slaves that worked in the fields would wear slacks and during the summer, no shirt. The chick slaves that work in the house would wear ragged dresses."

I <3 my slacks!

Ancient History: "Isis: Hey there is a flood happening right now should we help the people.
Seth: We should go help the people right now it is the right thing to do.
Isis: I will get as many people as I can you do the same try to get a lot of people.
Seth: I got as many as I can did you get as many as you can did you save ever thing.
Isis: Like what besides the people the animals and anything else that you can.
Seth: The people are safe now and some animals but not all of them.
Isis: You should go back for any others that were not got out of the flood in time.
Seth: Ok I will go get any others while you see if any one is hurt.
Isis: Everyone is alright and now all the people are safe from harm.
Seth: Now the water is going down and almost everything was saved and the animals all are here and are ok and the people to ok job well done."

Job well done indeed.

American History: "1. Name 2 tribes that lived in the West before the Europeans arrived? The pilgrims are one of the tribes. The native American was the second."

Ah, yes. I remember the Pilgrim tribe ... I think they were Mormons(you know, followers of Islam).

American Government: "I still think that we are the strongest country out there and always will be."

Yup, me too. Just like Rome.

American Government: "We are the ones that should be throwing these horrible people in jail."

Team America: World Police!

Social Studies 2: "I would like to help people and be rich."

Good plan, kid!

American History: "The counterculture of the 1960's was made up of mainly hippies. The lifestyles included drugs, music, and protesting the Vietnam war. The only counterculture today would be like the emo or goth kind of type but actually they have not so good of music as the hippies so I don’t know lol."

WHAT?! Do you mean to tell me Something Corporate does not have the lyrical genius of Bob Dylan? That Dashboard Confessional is less talented than Jimi Hendrix? Agree to disagree, my friend. Agree to disagree.

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  1. lol? really? 1960s counter culture is not a matter to be "laughing out loud." set your students straight, jan.