Friday, July 10, 2009

My Last Day of Work For the Summer (Hopefully)

Language Arts 6: "My grandpa was prejudicus of black peaple but he isnt any more because we went to go visit my grandpa in the nursing home a couple months ago and we brought my best friend Adasia with us (she is black)and my grandpa was very nice to her."


A Class: "Q: Distinguish between intelligence and knowledge.
A: Some of the ways that some habbits are infected is. They get a lot dirty."

Well that is both intelligence AND knowledge.

Biology: "Biology and Relgion can affect greatly how people eat their lives."

Mm. My mid-twenties!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Long Live Extinction

Government: "The fur trade has been discontinued due to amount of animals being killed. It made many animals go to the brink of extension. "

Is that what happened to weiner dogs? Extension?

Public Speaking: "Growing up Avery always wanted to be a Power Ranger because his really admired the skill and expertise in their martial arts skills, and the ability they had to take down any and all bad guys. He currently prefers the transformers now, and would love to be a part of that organization. The most important day of his life so far was the day he was born. He feels this way because if he were not born, he wouldn't be here to be giving this interview. If given a chance to have dinner with anyone in history, he would choose to have dinner with Jesus, George Washington and Boy George."

Why, yes. We do teach public speaking via online homeschool.

Govnerment: "I know you have met my boss, Reprehensive Brown"

Ah, the reprehensible representative.

The Fish Have All Gone to Heaven

Biology: [assignment is to describe the food chain in different settings - forest, ocean, desert] "2. A deer eats plant leaves, the deer is killed by a gang of raccoons. The deer then decomposes and becomes food and fertilizer."


Comment About Our Office: "it smells like someone didn't wash their vagina for about 7 months and then died"

Also fact.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Truth About Asians

World History: "Asians live in the far east as well and they were big on trading food. They would love to trade food with other countries. This was because they always wanted to be trying something new. They wanted to not be the same all the time and be different for a chance. The Asians except change because they are always looking for something to change weather its just food or not."

Oh, those Asians!

World History: "The geographic region that i chose to talk about was World War 1."

That's my favorite geographic region!


Government: "The US historical I choose to compare with this event I wrote about is Lewis Armstrong. He was the first man of the US to walk on the moon. These two have a couples things in common they both deal with the moon. "

Correct. Lewis Armstrong: First Man (of the U.S.) on the Moon

Some Class: "I personally find the concept of nirvana quite laughable. In a
nutshell it’s “One day, one day you will evolve into the great
nothing”. I would at least rather evolve into the great pumpkin or

Me too, Linus. (is linus even the one who believes in the great pumpkin?)

World History: "The civilization over in Iraq was not good at all. The way of living over there was horrible. This country did and has never done anything good for anyone."

World History: "Iraq is a very dangerous place, and no one would enjoy living over there. "

Nothing rounds out my day like a healthy helping of ignorance and prejudice!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Reality Bites

Some Class: "Due to a few very recent celebrity deaths, I think that the subject of death will not be taken lightly for a while."

Man, it's a real bummer those celebrities took all the fun out of death.

Psychology: "Sometimes when people say they hear voices, it may just be their own voices thinking inside their head."

Deep thoughts, by (Not) Jack Handey.

U.S. History: [excerpt from the best bibliography ever - 6 of 7 sources were like this]
"(1) Ericp, What was the main cause of the American Revolution, Causes of the American Revolution, 2005

(2) Causes of the French Revolution, 2000-09"

Wow, that's some reliable information you got there. You know anything with "cheat" in the title has got to be good!

Less is More

Some Class: (assignment is to list as many modes of transportation you can think of)
"cars, trucks, vans, buses, horses, buffalo, elephants, hot air balloons, motorcycles, airplanes, scooters, mopeds, feet, boats, ships, jets, skates, bikes, space ships to the moon, trains, cargo ships, elevators, escalators, subways, riding lawn mowers, camels, blimps, floats, unicycycles, golf carts, pocket rockets, barbie jeep, go karts, eighteen wheelers, garbage trucks, ambulances, fire trucks, bulldozers, hanggliders, gondala, canoe, pirate ships, skate boards, long boards, electric scooter, four wheelers, dirt bikes, police cars, oil tankers, barge, submarine, tanks, space shuttle, segway, electric wheelchair, raft, kayak, cruise ship, heeleys, alpakas, llamas, great danes, bulls, carrage, parachute, zipline, furniture dolly, rollercoaster, bungie jump, ripstick, human sling shot, shopping cart, snowboard, skiis, ice skates, snowmobile, zambodi, snow sled, solar powered car."

Please note: alpakas, llamas, and great danes
Side Note: We once did wheel one of my roommates around all night in a shopping cart - thus it IS a valid mode of transportation.

My Dream Man

Bible 10: "The way women got more popular in those days was pretty much the same as today. If you date, or marry someone popular, then you will get popular, and everyone will know you. Then, if your spouse does something irresponsible, you will be blamed for it and it will reflect you for the rest of your life."

You know, sometimes i forget my whole existence/value revolves around men... thankfully this boy was able to remind me <3

1191 Assignments to Grade On the Wall

Social Studies 3: "President Jackson was a good president, but I don’t think he would have liked me because my family is both Indian and black."

Haha. Aw. True.

Bible: "We erased some of the books of the Bible because they were not necessary. Some of the books of the Bible were meaningless to the Bible. They were not needed, so we got rid of them."

And that's what happened to the book of Hezekiah (um, that was a joke for anyone who had Bressler... beam me up, Jesus)

World History: "If i were a chinese i would feel the [Opium] war to be most unjustified"

The only thing I love more than blatant racism is the kids who don't know what 'justified' means... and i will never disclose its meaning. nor will i commission a monument in its honor.