Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Big Brother Will Have You For Dinner!

English: 2. "Winston thinks the proles will never rebel. He thinks that because they will never become couscous. If they did become couscous they would rebel. He thinks they might became couscous and they would defeat big brother. If they defeat big brother the people will be free."

My recommendation? just make some rice instead.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

To Be Taken With A Grain of Salt

Sciencey class: "8. What are the stages of the water cycle?

What the stages of the water cycle is, is various salts which include table sugar."

Man, this salt tastes really sugary! (500 shame points for misidentification)

Sciencey class: "2. Of the organisms you found, which ones might be called saprophytes?

Out of the organisms that I just talked about Saprophytes is mainly classified as 'Saprophytes'."

I think I get it.

Social Studies 6: "Barbarian- A person who doesn't like culture and a Roman Empire."

I hate a Roman Empire.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's Been A (Long) While Because I Am Lazy

ok, it's been a long time. i'm lazy. there have been good ones you all have missed out on. sorry about that. but i will share these gems:

art & music 4 (as in, a 4th grader wrote this): (assignment was to write a ballad with a specific rhyme scheme)

"One day A

I was walkin' with my boyfriend B

and he said "hey A

you wanna go 'round the bend B

and go to the bar"

and I said A

"yeh i'd love to" B

so I got the thought of beer out of my head A

I talked with him and yes its true B

I had a small cup of beer that night A

and I can't explain what it tasted like B

cause to my delight A

it tasted somewhat like sprite B"

Some Science-y Class (and god, i hope it was human anatomy): "The special functions the stomach performs is storing food, breaking down food into a mixture called hymen, and emptying hymen into the small intestine."

Gives a whole new twist on eating pussy, doesn't it.