Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Gifts of Government

Government: “The Government is evil. It is not helpful at all. Now that the new president is in everything is going to go hay wire. Yet most liberals want more and more government with more and more power. Government discloses nothing to the people except propaganda to expand their power and control over the people."

This is as opposed to the Bush administration, which thankfully did not use propaganda.

Government: "The government is just not cool at all.”

Yeah, man. I heard the government didn't even get asked to prom.

Government: “3.If you have a problem with the government you may take it up with the president and hand it to his secretary and she will be sure to give it to him.”

Government: “Amendment I: No person shall be allowed to go into anothers home without the owner or a permission slip.”

I would just like to hear a cop say, "Excuse me. May I see your permission slip?"


  1. That first one makes me weep for the future. We will continue to have difficulty in acquiring nice things for at least a couple more generations because the stupid continues to breed in record numbers.