Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Diamond Fishing

Biology (maybe?): "When brain uploading is as regular as a tattoo we will be able to many other things, a whole world of adventure will open up to us. We can upload our brain into robots that are like the “terminator” and we would require little food and oxygen if any at all. These people will become known as “cyborgs” and will be able to live in space, live underwater, live high in the sky on anti gravity subdivisions, and maybe under the earth once we can devise a way to withstand extreme heats and swim in the earth’s mantle and go diamond fishing! "

Not Sure What Class: "One way you could develop good treatment of the body is to...........
practice good treatment of the body. Keep your self cleaned up all the time. You could start by getting up, fixing up your bed, getting some clothes on worthy of being looked at and next going down stairs and getting some good healthy breakfast down your throught before you get to your slave ridden lives."

Wow, try to tone down your optimism, kid.

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