Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Crocodile Dundee, Austrian Archduke

US History: "The two opposing military alliances were entente powers and central powers. Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Australia was assassinated which was one of the main causes."

That is correct. It was weird how everyone in Europe got all in a tizzy over it.

Social Studies 4: "Today America and England are best friends. It's kind of like when two wrestlers fight each other, after the fight they can still shake hands and be good friends."

Dear England, Sorry 'bout that time with the tea. Lovesies, America

Social Studies 4: "Camp meetings were like good old fashioned tent revivals. They were religious meetings and an important social gathering for people who didn't have a big social life."

True story. Only nerds went to camp meetings.

Spanish 2: "It was real cool to see a different country and how people lived in poverty."

Sounds sweet, bro!

Spanish 1: "1. Miami, Florida has clear water. This interests me because I love clear water."

I love clear glass unicorns.

World History: "Does anyone have any objections to the Mediterranean area and surrounding parts of Europe and Africa? I thought not."

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  1. You are definitely my funniest sister. I LOL'ed at the library. Faux pas. Worth it, though.