Monday, June 15, 2009

Spiderman was from Hawaii

Social Studies 5: "In Hawaii you can have the privilege of having Coconuts grow in your backyard. "

But remember Friends, with great privilege comes great responsibility.

Government: "Well one of the big things that has impacted me from this course have been learning how to research better, I now know the basic jest of the constriction, and of course I think that learning about history will all ways come in handy."

Yes, history is handy in all ways, but particularly when choking others as a joke.

Government: "Alcohol is bad for your health as long as your behavior."

Alcohol is also bad for sentence creation.

Government: "I think that the public should only be told of threats to the U.S when we are defiantly sure that the treat is real."

I would never defy my love of treats.

Forensics: "If I was in the government I would do anything to catch a murderer so you could get him off the streets and I would go as far as to DNA test 200 different people if I had to.

Wow, 200 people!? You will stop at nothing!

Government: "5.) It is the right of every living person to be allowed to jump on a bed of any size. We are smarter then Monkey's, I do not think we will bump our heads"

Social Studies 4: "Children should play and make new friends. Or get married and have a child instead of being a child. There just like animals, they have to be free and wild. And speaking of animals they should have an animal but they can't have one when there a slave."

Government: [on removal of 10 commandments from the courthouse] "I admit that I am a very conservative and republic Christian. God is the very air that I breathe so I am prejudiced with my indignation."

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  1. that totally makes sense the population of radioactive spiders is highest in Hawaii