Monday, May 11, 2009

"Wiped Down the Baseboards"

Sorry for the delay. I was lazy last week because I was also sick and cranky. These are from Friday. No treasures from Thursday.

Social Studies 5: “Hawaii is a state to have fun in. Now name me one state in the United States that is just all party. I thought so. There is no other state ifridn the U.S. that is just for fun.”

World History: “Well, was the war justified? I would have to say legally, no, but economically speaking, yes.”

Social Studies 5: “The elephants have a big and long nose, called truck.”

Spanish 2: (assignment was to translate from spanish phrases) “1.Park the automobile next to the bomb.” … whoopsies, 'bomba' actually means gas pump.

Government: (from a bill of rights for a colony on the moon) “8- Right to try and contact aliens that may be suspected of disrupting your livelihood.”

Government: “Or the poor kids getting blown up everyday in Iraq for having fathers and mothers who are communist to our country."

Spanish 1: “Paella is a traditional plate in Spain. It originates from Valencia, but there were difference variations in other Spanish places. It’s cooked outside with fire. It tells you the things to cook with it I think. Including tomatoes and ...peas?"”


  1. Glad 2 have you back Janny.

  2. You know what they say about elephants with long noses right?