Monday, May 18, 2009

Compulsive Eaters Unite

Spanish 1: "Write a dialogue in Spanish between two people about either the weather, sports, ordering a meal, or getting directions. Use five to ten sentences.

Mr. red – much food to choose on the menu Mr. blue.
Mr. blue – yes, I think I will start with a side salad.
Mr. red – I don’t like salad, I will have a baked potato.
Mr. blue – the waiter is coming with our drinks.
Mr. red – what do you have in mind for the main course?
Mr. blue – I’m in the mood for hambugers , you?
Mr. red – I think ill have one of everything.
Mr. blue. – that’s too much food, your joking.
Mr. red – no, I will eat my plates too.
Mr. blue – are you ok?
Mr. red – no.
Mr. blue – I will get help.
Mr. red – yes, the waiter can help me order everything."


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