Thursday, May 21, 2009

Back In Business

This week has been a rough one -- lots of grading, little hilarity, and a sinus infection.

Some gems to share:

Culinary Arts: "The only problem I had with the recipe is that I wasn’t wearing a shirt and it burned…. a lot."

Culinary Arts: "Anyway I really enjoyed this meal and don’t forget always wear a shirt while cooking bacon it burns….. a lot." Got it. Twice.

Spanish 2: "Opinion – I would love to take a trolley through a sinkhole and learn all about the interesting things that are in them."

Spanish 2: "Don’t tell me the toilet is baked up."

Spanish 1: "I chose the painting in the upper right hand corner for these reasons. I think it is the most beautiful painting out of them all because it reminds me of my mother. My mother’s face and hair look similar to that of the woman’s in the painting. I also liked this painting because it is not abstract like the other paintings. What I like about this panting most is that it reminds me of my mother. "

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