Monday, May 11, 2009

US History Gold Mine

So, I'll be honest, the majority of these are from one particularly careless student in my US History class. Not all of them are her, but she was really a shining star responsible for 2/3 of these.

US History: “The French revolution never fingered out there war cause they never could agree on anything.”

US History: “The French didn’t really seem to be fighting for much they where fighting for the britches.”

US History: “The American’s took over the British of French. They took over them for years that’s what it says and The untied states of American I’m not sure if we still have the British French maybe someone else took over them now.”

US History: “The French took over some place I forgot the pace.”

US History: “It never rained and it fault like a hot dusty disorient.”

US History: “The farm hade a some house and some what good water and food. It went years tell the war ennead and where I was use to my job cleaning how to make clothes and cook food.”

US History: “I hade told them that sometimes there where fries and people would die.”

And today's crowning glory -- best chat I've ever had:

“Teacher: Thank you, have a blessed day!
Parent: I love how this school ends with "a blessed day!"”

Me too, Parent. Me too.

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  1. fighting for britches is a sure fire way to lose