Friday, May 22, 2009

My Barbie Horse, Star

Spanish 1: "This painting looked to me like it was full of music. I love that when you practices playing the violin, or write music, that you over look the sea. "

Social Studies 3: "Mr. Ford, I believe was trying to make life more pleasant for us. Why????? Because, he knew ridding on horses, sooner or later, would get old. People would want new things like: Cars, trucks, SUVS, stuff like that. Can you imagine what it would be like to still be ridding in wagons, or on horses??? I sure couldn’t! I mean horses are cool I want to ride one, one day. But, we would have no highways, we would have to be tying our horses up!! It would just be a BIG mess. But, I do have some Barbie dolls that like to ride my plush horse “Star”!!! I do! Do you think horses are cool??"

That's actually from a student who i really get a kick out of. I would totally play Barbies with her. but i wouldn't recommend she includes them in her homework.

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