Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday Madness

The weekend been good to us!

Forensics: “i did bad on the activity. thay wernt vary instring”

Social Studies 5: “Greece is known for its false gods and goddesses. It has many and there are a lot of legends that tell ridiculous stories of how they were born and worshipped.”

Social Studies 5: “The food sounds disgusting. They eat octopus, fish pies and fried and pickled pigeons. I do not think I could eat those foods after seeing what they look like alive. Especially an octopus and the method to clean it sound gross. The way they beat it against a wall until it gets soft sounds so sick. I don’t think I could get that picture out of my head. I would stick with the figs and pastries if I had visited that town.”

Bible 5: “What is a missionary? Can you be a missionary in your hometown? How?
1. Here is mine missionary to put in my words I would say that it means like he was being mean to them in a weird way.
2.No,you don't you can do it here.In the USA.
3.Well I can make people pick up trash that they drop right on the ground.

Spanish 2: “Losing your class credit means I will not qualify for a college ready diploma. Double Bummer!”

Terrible Obnoxious Chat for World History:
"Student: ok and the final paper what can that be wrote on?
Teacher: Have you read the directions?
Student: yes i can but its confusing
Student: i have
Teacher: Alright, what is confusing you specifically?
Student: can i wrote it on like anything through the whole school year?
Teacher: You can write on any geographical region we have studied -- then you can focus on whatever events you choose, but make sure you cover the topics asked about in the directions.
Student: ok wow this is gonna take some time
Teacher: Yes, it is your big final paper.
Teacher: Is there anything else I can help you with?
Student: yes how much of my grade does it count for?
Teacher: The grade weight is 6.
Teacher: That means it weighs 6 times as heavily as a typical assignment.
Student: do say i got a zero on it and i have a 76 now would i fail the class?
Student: say sorry
Teacher: I don't know precisely how it would affect your grade, and I am not willing to take the time to calculate it.
Teacher: If you choose not to do your final paper, you need to accept the consequences.

Then, in the social center:
Same student: shes a bitch
Friend: lol
Same Student: i have a 76 in history and i asked if i got a zero on my final paper would i fail the class
Same Student: and shes like im not willing to celculate that right now and if you choose to not take the final paper you will have to live with the concukunces
Friend: a 76 dang
Same student: lol i know it sucks" Oh yeah kid? see what you get now! mwahahaha!

Culinary Arts: “I didn’t have the ingredients needed to make some kind of pudding, so I chose to make another recipe that contains the second juice of life known as milk.”

Culinary Arts: “Next to harness each substance’s power and sew them altogether in a masterful canvas of culinary perfection. So with the help of my trusty sidekicks bowl and whisk we beat the imperfection out of Mr. Batter and brought forth the formula for world peace and happiness.”

Social Studies 5: "What a city, Greece is a fascinating place."


  1. Wow, I had no idea my trusty sidekicks, bowl and wisk, could be so powerful in achieving world peace. Perhaps we should pass this along to NATO or something....

  2. those Greek stories are ridiculous

  3. wow, if the second juice of life is milk, what is the first?

  4. student: say sorry
    How did you get that kid's other conversation?

  5. it was in the social center... which is monitored. so he loses twice, because we tell the parents about things like inappropriate comments made in there.

  6. Is bowl & whisk kid the same as education ointment kid? Or does homeschool automatically breed flowery prose?