Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mormonism and Other Mysterious Religions

Today I am grading some final papers. They are rife with incorrect information and unintentional wit!

World History: “I feel badly about the effects of Israel's wars becoming to get to this bad of a point, it is not even my responsibility for Israel to be so terrible I do not have to feel guilty about it but I guess it is just because I feel so bad for them. I do not know if it will ever end, the wars between the Jewish people and the Muslims but I hope and pray to God that the Muslims will not get the upper hand and win the war by overcoming the Jewish people of Israel and then finish off the existence of all humanity by then creating a Muslim world where not only Jews are not safe or free from Muslims but where all of the world is not free or safe from the Muslims. Who knew Christianity would or even could be so cruel?”

World History: “In mid 1973 Iran chose not to join the Arab oil and bargo against the West and Israel.”

World History: “There are many religions in the Middle East and they all carry over into the United States. Two of the most popular would probably be Judaism and Mormonism.”

(Next paragraph in the same paper): “Mormonism is the belief of Islam.”

Social Studies 5: "My favorite living things in the oceans are star fish and whales. Because whales are so cute and very smart that you can trade them."

Social Studies 5: "In one year some people came and trading things that the Hawaii need and they would give the trades food.Well one time some people came from Connecticut and took four kids to Connecticut to teach them."

Social Studies 5: (via email) "Hello. [Student]'s mom here. [Student] is reading about Hawaiian legends. I'm confused. The first one about the goddess of volcanoes. Isn't her name Pele? It says Pete all the way through the reading passage. Or am I wrong and the legend is about a woman named Pete?

Just wondering,


aaaaaahahahahaha. shit son. Pete was really huhu that we got her name wrong.

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  1. Trading whales? Someone's been playing Civilization...