Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This Is Really From Tuesday

So, yesterday I left work early and forgot to email myself these gems before I left. But fear not, here they are:

US History: “Any death really strikes panic in people, however when it is the leader of the nation, it will be slightly worse.”

US History: “I can’t say America improved at all with the elections of 2000 and 2004. Actually, many will probably say it was more of a disprovement considering George Bush wasn’t the most intelligent of people to attempt to run the nation”

Forensics: “Proper packaging is important because if its a liquid and you put it in a paper bag...well that just wont work.”

Government: “2. What are your religious beliefs? How do these beliefs influence your position? My beliefs are spiritfilled. I believe in the father son and the holy spirit as one. He is my savior and he died on the cross for my sins. He is Jesus Christ and he is my hero. Im not sure actually I just read my bible when i have the time talk to God all the time and stick with my youth and stay in leadership.”

Social Studies 5: “The Greeks and Romans had in common is That they like to rule. The romans & greeks are realy diffrent like the romans dont like games as much as the greeks.”

Social Studies 5: “Becouse "Demrocicy" is the maning people.”

Government: “In this essay the author is going to discuss what the authors opinion to remove Saddam Hussein from his position, and about the policies of rebuilding Iraq after the war. Many people have different opinions on this topic. The author thinks that these decisions are right and he will explain.”


  1. Some golden nuggets here. The future political leaders of America!

  2. that's exactly why my bag o' soup business plan never found ANY venture capitalists

  3. "Disprovement" is exactly the word I've been looking for to describe the years 2000-2008.