Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Week

So far this week, I have learned the following:

Spanish 1: “This painting shows a cat eating a bird.
The cat has some very long sharp claws.
The bird is hanging out of its mouth.
The cat and the bird are both kind of deformed looking!
The cat looks like it is smiling.
I like this painting because it is of a cat killing a bird!
I really like the cat's claws.” Wow, okay.

Government: “All races, ethicists, and gender alike are of equal statues.”

I <3 statues of ethicists.

Government: “I think that if the political parties didn’t exist, we could do bubble gum in dish, something me and my friends do as kids, to choose, who goes first, to choose a candidate.”

US History: “The young women are wearing mini skirts, maxi skirts, and the young men are refusing to cut their hair”

A maxi skirt? Now, is that really long, or is it a skirt that absorbs menstruation?

Government: "Texas is a very independent state, they are the only state who is still very able to become its own country. I think that it would be fine to become its own country. I am not sure it would bother me, but then people who are visiting would have to have passports. It would eventually become bothersome to me though."

Bonus side note - this inspiring answer has nothing to do with the question, which is asking if your state has a method by which citizens can propose laws.

Social Studies 2: “As a hula dancer, I would do a dance about the problem of overpopulation.” (this one is actually a legitimate response to the question, it just made me laugh.)

Biology: “8. An insect can go around find his or her mate. After this they will reproduce on each other.”

Biology: “1) Let’s look at the Muslim religion, we don’t see people torturing them, telling them to give up their Gods, their religion. “

Waterboarding = Relaxation Therapy.

Biology: “2) Evolution isn't real because its not happening today. Why aren’t humans evolving into martians?”

I actually feel kind of like a Martian today.

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