Wednesday, July 1, 2009

1191 Assignments to Grade On the Wall

Social Studies 3: "President Jackson was a good president, but I don’t think he would have liked me because my family is both Indian and black."

Haha. Aw. True.

Bible: "We erased some of the books of the Bible because they were not necessary. Some of the books of the Bible were meaningless to the Bible. They were not needed, so we got rid of them."

And that's what happened to the book of Hezekiah (um, that was a joke for anyone who had Bressler... beam me up, Jesus)

World History: "If i were a chinese i would feel the [Opium] war to be most unjustified"

The only thing I love more than blatant racism is the kids who don't know what 'justified' means... and i will never disclose its meaning. nor will i commission a monument in its honor.

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