Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Less is More

Some Class: (assignment is to list as many modes of transportation you can think of)
"cars, trucks, vans, buses, horses, buffalo, elephants, hot air balloons, motorcycles, airplanes, scooters, mopeds, feet, boats, ships, jets, skates, bikes, space ships to the moon, trains, cargo ships, elevators, escalators, subways, riding lawn mowers, camels, blimps, floats, unicycycles, golf carts, pocket rockets, barbie jeep, go karts, eighteen wheelers, garbage trucks, ambulances, fire trucks, bulldozers, hanggliders, gondala, canoe, pirate ships, skate boards, long boards, electric scooter, four wheelers, dirt bikes, police cars, oil tankers, barge, submarine, tanks, space shuttle, segway, electric wheelchair, raft, kayak, cruise ship, heeleys, alpakas, llamas, great danes, bulls, carrage, parachute, zipline, furniture dolly, rollercoaster, bungie jump, ripstick, human sling shot, shopping cart, snowboard, skiis, ice skates, snowmobile, zambodi, snow sled, solar powered car."

Please note: alpakas, llamas, and great danes
Side Note: We once did wheel one of my roommates around all night in a shopping cart - thus it IS a valid mode of transportation.


  1. buffalo was the sixth one listed. correct. electric wheelchairs certainly do transport. but so do non-electric ones.

  2. What the EFFING ESS is a "ripstick"?

  3. I suppose one can be "transported" by a "pocket-rocket," though I doubt one would physically get too far...