Thursday, July 2, 2009


Government: "The US historical I choose to compare with this event I wrote about is Lewis Armstrong. He was the first man of the US to walk on the moon. These two have a couples things in common they both deal with the moon. "

Correct. Lewis Armstrong: First Man (of the U.S.) on the Moon

Some Class: "I personally find the concept of nirvana quite laughable. In a
nutshell it’s “One day, one day you will evolve into the great
nothing”. I would at least rather evolve into the great pumpkin or

Me too, Linus. (is linus even the one who believes in the great pumpkin?)

World History: "The civilization over in Iraq was not good at all. The way of living over there was horrible. This country did and has never done anything good for anyone."

World History: "Iraq is a very dangerous place, and no one would enjoy living over there. "

Nothing rounds out my day like a healthy helping of ignorance and prejudice!

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