Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Good Ole Southern Hot Sauce

Government: "I think displaying the Ten Commandments in a community with a large Christian percentage will affect the community positively. Down south they use a lot more hot sauce then we do up north, all that's happening is the government attending to the community’s needs and wants."

God + Hot Sauce = Monument

Government: "I don't think we have any right to the moon. I think the articles are pointless when it comes to the moon because it's not on American soil. It's above it, way, way above it. We have no more right to it then other nations, and on top of that, what's the point? It can't benefit us in anyway, we can't move there or crow crops, are make money to help are sinking economy. So why toil with it?

But for the sake of this assignment.

The princess will rule the moon. She'll be elected by the people, from a group of other like minded princess's. The laws will be enforced by the Princess's army. Crime will be determined by a jury of the princess's court. We won't officially make rules for crime until such crimes occurs."

Luckily we have so many like minded princesses who don't want to make any laws until after people break laws that didn't exist in the first place. Now that's justice.

Anatomy: "Abstinence is the best birth control because it's like being absent from having sex."

Yeah, well, you better bring a note from home or you're getting a detention.

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