Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday. In the Same Clothes as Wednesday.

Math: "I was $2.00' s negative at the store a few days ago. It was not fun. I had to go all of the way to the car to was get 2 measly little dollars. This morning my mom was puling her hair up,and found out that her hair - tie was way to negative. I laughed because it was to tight, and it made her face look funny. My dad was putting on some pants. At first it worked out fine, but then a button popped ... and another... and another. Thats when we found out that they were to negative... obviously they accidently made there way to the dryer. In the ending I ended - up paying the clerk the total amount, my mom got a hair - band that fit, and, well my dad went to work with unbuttoned pants."

Did he at least safety pin them?

World History: "The Egyptians were not very dumb people."

Just kinda dumb. I mean they wrote in pictures.

Government: "They had struggled so long to keep a well maintained self government, until their Satin got the best of them. When Satin brings himself upon your life everything goes haywire."

F-in' Satin. Always making my S go haywire.

Social Studies 2: "My second rule is No dogs allowed. I picked this rule because I don't want them pooping on my playground."

Amen, sister.

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