Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thirsty Thursday

I need a drink.

Government: "In order to fulfill the cause of equality, there needs to be an ointment for the skin of the dreams of our forefathers so grossly afflicted by the warts of ignorance. That ointment is called education."

A coworker sent me this via intraoffice chat: "i am proofreading [student]'s essay. at the end; The end I would like to dearacite this to my teacher [my teacher name]." Sweet! a dearacitation!

Culinary Arts: " I think salad is such a good menu to take care of your health but if you are fat, you should not add too much meat and salad dressing."

Social Studies 3: "To not forgive Andrew Jackson for the things he may have done during his presidency would make Jesus' death in vain. "

Culinary Arts: "They all said that my dish was wonderful and they could not believe it was my cook."

But is it okay for fat people to cannibalize?


  1. I just dont think the words "skin" "fore" "gross" "ointment" and "warts" can be taken seriously so close together, in a non-doctor/patient conversation.