Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Greetings from Science!

Contributions from a fellow teacher -- her joy? Creation Science!

"did not make a green house because global warming is a load of bull $*!^ that some crackpot scientest's came up with to get money to do some "Reaserch" on how to prevent it, when all they are really doing is spending it for their own gain and plesure. The truth? In one week, a volcano spewing off volcanic ash, spews out the equivelent amount of Co2 in ONE WEEK, that all the cars and planes and powerplants ever made by humans have ever done in recorded history, and beyond. This subject irks me to the point of Genocide, because it is absolute BS in every sense of the term. i simply cannot understand why OTHERS dont understand that it is simply the earth heating and cooling itself. i will bet you 100 U.S. Dollars that in 50 years time when im 64 years old, that some crazy guy will be going around screaming about "Global Cooling" If someone does this, im going to take an aluminam baseball bat and smash their skulls in. people need to get a grip, get a job, and get a life."

"I believe there is a conflict between our religious teachings and what the scientists say. I believe this because in the bible it says that God created Adam then created all of the animals and let Adam name them. But the scientists base all of the study and research on information they have already collected in the past without taking what the bible says into account. In my opinion a scientist should do both of those things. Once he or she collects some new evidence they should check to see if there is some past evidence discussing what they found; they also should consult the bible to see what it has to say on the matter."

"Intelligent Design has so much more fact and proof as to why Darwinism or the Big Band Theory isn’t true. "

"Have you ever wondered why biology is so important to some people? Well for starters biology is a special part of some peoples life because some people are in jobs that have to deal with biology and science. "

"I think that genetic mutations are OK as long as they are for a good cause. For instance, what if someone's animal died and they were very attached to it and they wanted to have the genes that the animal had mutated? I think that would be a reasonable explanation for someone to be able to preform a genetic mutation. I also think that if a woman got pregnant and had the baby but then like three months after the baby was born it died because of sudden infant death syndrome also known as SIDS? I think that the woman should have a choice to decide whether or not she wanted to get some of the genetics that the baby had and give them to the embryos in the woman so that she will be able to have a child instead of trying and trying all over again. "

So, wow. Thanks for those, Ashley :)

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  1. Best line: This subject irks me to the point of Genocide.