Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's Been A (Long) While Because I Am Lazy

ok, it's been a long time. i'm lazy. there have been good ones you all have missed out on. sorry about that. but i will share these gems:

art & music 4 (as in, a 4th grader wrote this): (assignment was to write a ballad with a specific rhyme scheme)

"One day A

I was walkin' with my boyfriend B

and he said "hey A

you wanna go 'round the bend B

and go to the bar"

and I said A

"yeh i'd love to" B

so I got the thought of beer out of my head A

I talked with him and yes its true B

I had a small cup of beer that night A

and I can't explain what it tasted like B

cause to my delight A

it tasted somewhat like sprite B"

Some Science-y Class (and god, i hope it was human anatomy): "The special functions the stomach performs is storing food, breaking down food into a mixture called hymen, and emptying hymen into the small intestine."

Gives a whole new twist on eating pussy, doesn't it.

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